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Forward3D Jenny Thompson comes to the defense of 'The Data'

In an article for The Drum, Head of Data Science and Advanced Analytics, Jenny Thompson responds to critics of 'The Data' and addresses the false accusations it commonly faces.

Like a schoolyard scapegoat, ‘The Data’ often takes the blame for things that aren’t its fault. And where we see bullying we are supposed to step in, right?

‘The Data’ has been both cannonised and demonised in our industry to a fanatical degree. But this dialectic is pointless. ‘The Data’ is a raw material. ‘The Data’ can’t do anything on its own. Getting annoyed because ‘The Data’ hasn’t created any benefit for you is like yelling at a tank of gas for not getting you to work - you need the car (technology) and the driver (expertise) to make that happen.