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Forward3D shortlisted for 3 different categories at The Drum Search Awards 2015

Forward3D has been nominated for 3 different categories at The Drums Search Awards:



After accurately identifying Kimonos as a big trend for the Summer of 2014, Forward3D helped New Look across multiple channels to become market leaders for this product.


Having already launched a local website and a social media page on VK (Russia’s most popular social network), ASOS had been struggling to scale their online presence in this region. Forward3D helped ASOS turn social media not only into a key customer acquisition channel, but one that had a positive impact on search too.


  • Best use of Data (PPC) for our work with Hilton factoring Exchange Rates into their PPC bidding strategy.

We researched currency exchange rates and their impact on historic PPC performance, which allowed us to set Hilton Hotels apart from the competition. We factored fluctuations in exchange rates into an automated and weighted bid strategy, depending on whether the rate was favourable or unfavourable for potential travellers in the target location.