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International Expansion: Debunking the Myths

The internet means that overseas markets and their opportunities are just a click away for most brands. However in recent years there have been many examples of companies who despite significant investment have either failed to impact overseas markets or chosen to exit.


This piece by Lindsay Hong, Head of Locaria is the first of a two-part series for The Drum, and aims to debunk five popular myths relating to international expansion.

Myth 1: Big is best

When deciding which new markets to target first, it is common for companies to look at information such as population, GDP per capita, sector value etc. to help decide where to invest. However there is truth to the old cliché that size isn’t everything.

In APAC, China offers a huge consumer market, but as a consequence it is hotly contested by both international and local competitors, so achieving brand awareness can be an expensive business. The Chinese consumer also requires a highly localised experience both off-site through Chinese search and social media platforms, and on-site through bespoke payment and shipping options. By comparison a market such as Korea offers less competition, high internet penetration and familiarity with international payment methods.