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Are STEM Graduates a Good Match for Ad Agencies?


In an article for ExchangeWire, Forward3D's Head of Data Science & Advanced Analytics, Jenny Thompson discusses how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) graduates can best apply their skills for Ad Agencies.


The ability to thrive in an agency environment goes deeper than the ability to problem solve. Jenny Thompson, Head of Data & Advanced Analytics, Forward3D, and an applied scientist who started her agency career as a paid search executive, said that being technical is not enough:

“In order to make an impact in any private sector industry, it is important to know how to translate skills learned in academia into skills that solve marketing and business problems. The ability to do this, and then communicate what you have done clearly to non-technical colleagues, is an incredibly valuable (and lucrative) skillset.”

Thompson went on to say that, in her experience, the most successful STEM grads are those focused on understanding how businesses operate. This insight then allows them to apply their technical skills and build elegant solutions to the problems they face. She qualified that bypassing this base level of experience could lead to a misapplication of skills.