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Jenny Thompson discusses Attribution at Google

Head of Data Science and Advanced Analytics, Jenny Thompson participated in a panel session that formed part of the attribution@Google event, discussing attribution from an agency perspective, and the challenges encountered in encouraging clients to move away from a last click model. 



The event included several talks around different areas of attribution, followed by a panel debate consisting of recognised agency experts.  


Panel topics from the session included :


  • How to communicate the value of attribution to clients?
  • How to get buy-in on a new approach when client has limited knowledge about attribution? 
  • What organisation change needed in agency & in client organisations to adopt a new attribution approach? 
  • How to approach attribution for smaller clients who don't have enterprise level tech? 
  • How to take action on the back of attribution insights? 
  • How to prove attribution actually works? 
  • How to use attribution to prove the value of display? 


You can find the deck used on the day below: