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Apple: The Day Cool Left the Building

CEO Martin McNulty pondered Apple's latest product launch for Huff Post Tech. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Forget the technical shambles that was Apple's live stream - complete with constant crashes 
and Chinese overdubbing - the real story behind today's event was that whilst Apple certainly can innovate, their days as a true hardware innovator appear to be over. And along with hardware you can kiss goodbye to sexy too.

The thing about an iPhone was that no one could ever say you weren't cool. The utter elegance of the device did the talking and Steve Jobs, with his own brand of icy cool, let the world know. Sure, he wore West Coast normcore denim and a roll-neck but he rocked it. And so did the phone. It did things that phones had never done before and it did them in a way that was tangibly elegant & sophisticated. This wasn't some piece of plastic from the Far East, it was engineering, desirable engineering.

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