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Forward3D CEO, Martin McNulty discusses Amazon dropping its 'Product Ads'

Talking to Business Insider, Forward3D CEO, Martin McNulty discussed Amazon choosing to drop its Product Ads from the options available to advertisers.  Product Ads featured images of relevant products based on search terms and link users to external merchant websites. 



Focusing on the extent to which Amazon has become a shopping portal as much as a direct online retailer, McNulty said:

For Amazon it was logical: if they don’t have a product [listed on the site,] then why not sell traffic to someone that does? What’s changed for Amazon is that its range of products is growing wider, thanks to initiatives like Marketplace and so today, the chances of them stocking or selling via a partner is far higher. Why dedicate real estate to ads that might earn a dime when you could instead drive to a product that could help you earn dollars in profit?