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Forward3D CEO Martin McNulty Asks Whether Gap Has Been Squeezed Between Fast Fashion and Luxury

Following Gap's announcement on Monday that it was to strategically downscale, Forward3D CEO, Martin McNulty reflected on the potential causes, as well as the lessons that can be drawn with Digiday and AdWeek.



In an article for Digiday, Martin McNulty asked whether the brand has become squeezed between fast fashion and luxury: “It used to run iconic advertising and sell iconic products, like the single pocket tee, but now it looks like another cheap clothing retailer in a sea of discounters.”


You can read Digiday's full article here.



Martin McNulty then expanded his thoughts in Adweek. "In creating spin-off brands like Banana Republic and Old Navy, it did a great job of segmenting out-of-office wear and low-cost apparel. But the success of these brands seems to have come at the expense of the core Gap offering."


You can read Adweek's full article here.