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The Guardian Asks Forward3D CEO Martin McNulty whether Anonymity is the Internet's Next Big Battleground

The use of personal data is a thorny subject for the public and for the many companies that use it. The Guardian asked Forward3D CEO Martin McNulty whether anonymity is the internet's next big battleground.

Research has shown that despite users expressing concern over how their data was used, there was a discrepancy between the way they thought and the way they behaved. 


Martin McNulty expressed the fact that users were indeed generally getting a good deal and valuing their online experience but was overall concerned about the impact government legislation could have on user behaviour.

I think that, on the whole, people want better products and advertising. No one wants to get served bad advertising. There are also a whole range of genuine benefits to online users trusting businesses with data, which are not always as well understood as the more publicised downsides. An exchange takes place. Data is exchanged for a faster, better, more relevant experience online.