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Forward3D collaborates with New Look to explore colour and mood

For brands toying with online personalisation strategies new research shows there’s an increased appetite for this content, however privacy concerns still exist.


We collaborated with New Look to discover that consumers search for content based not only on colour choice and occasion but on how the items made them feel. You can read about the development process and results in our case study.


Below is an excerpt from Marketing Week's response to the research.


Consumers are craving more personalised online content, according to new research from Yahoo, but this comes with several caveats around control and privacy.   
The study of 6,000 people aged from 13 to 64 finds that awareness of online personalisation activity is high and respondents believe the practice brings relevance and efficiency to their reading or experience of content.
Almost 60 per cent of consumers are aware that personalisation is applied to written material online, while two-thirds understand that it also affects what they watch and listen to.

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