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Real-Time Ignorance - Why Smart Meters Aren't Smart at All

In an article for The Huffington Post, CEO Martin McNulty questions how 'smart' the government roll-out of smart meters in the home really is and what alternatives should be considered instead for greater energy efficiency.

Smart metering is a deceit if it’s sold on the basis of cost savings for consumers and the research in countries such as Sweden, Norway and France that have launched such programs backs this up - since the ‘benefits’ often simply cover the costs of implementation.

Smart meters are good at certain things, but simply knowing the specific energy levels that you’re consuming does not in itself increase efficiency - all it may do is encourage you to use less. The real benefit of smart metering is for suppliers. Instead of tracking consumption periodically (with unreliable periodic manual readings) they can get almost real-time readings that can help them better plan supply distribution. This is a good thing, but the question is whether consumers should be forced to pay for the installation for a device that benefits the supplier rather than themselves?