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Singles' Day is Fast Becoming Everyone’s Day

Following a more than ever spectacular Singles' Day 2016, Forward3D EVP International Hannes Ben comments on its crushing success but also the accuracy of Alibaba's numbers and the controversial issue of counterfeits for Marketing Interactive.

The East has exported cultural phenomena at an increasing rate over the past few decades, from anime to K-pop, and the latest sensation to make waves is the shopping-focused festival Singles Day.

The festival has been nurtured in recent years by Alibaba and I’m very impressed that the company turned the event into not only a big sales day for its own website, but also a national day that has increasing world-wide awareness. Alibaba wants to harness the energy and excitement surrounding Singles Day to attract global brands to its platform and move into new markets.

Why is Singles day taking off like a Chinese rocket chair? First off, it has an appealing back story rooted in the genuine insight that single people want to celebrate and be proud of their status. In contrast, no-one is absolutely clear about Black Friday’s origins and its surrounding marketing certainly lacks engagement and warmth.