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The Opportunity in Marrying Paid Search and Hyper-Local Targeting

In an article for PerformanceIN, Tom Manning discusses the possibilities of making better use of hyper local targeting in paid search. 


As a part of the feature, Tom addresses how location is typically being used by advertisers already, how easy this kind of targeting is to setup, the potential use cases and the new developments he expects to see moving forward. 

Paid search is sometimes only thought of in terms of its ability to link users with purchase intent to the brand or product they’re searching for, but there’s also the opportunity to link searchers with useful content depending on the context in which they’re searching.

I was in Westfield Stratford for the first time ever recently and realised how frustrating this kind of situation is when you’re in a rush to find a particular shop amongst the many that they have. I couldn’t even find a map to help me, but I realised that by understanding the context of my location, marketers had the opportunity to use this information to provide some genuine value.

Wouldn’t it be great if by typing the name of the shop I was searching for into Google, rather than being directed to the generic homepage or similar in the search ads, (by understanding I was in close proximity to a store) it instead offered to direct me to its specific location in the mall and highlighted any current special offers available at that particular store? Google is actually currently testing a ‘Store Reminders’ product, which demonstrates that it’s aware that PPC ads often don’t serve these types of local searches quite as well as the more general.