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Should Viewability statistics be provided in Paid Search?

Following his blogpost on Google SERP Changes, Head of Paid Media Tom Manning had an article featured in The Drum this week asking whether viewability statistics should be provided in Paid Search - particularly for those PPC ads that now feature at the bottom of the page that may accrue impressions without ever being seen. 

Although our data seems to suggest that bottom of the page ads do not suffer a lower click through rate compared to the side ads, there must still be a large number of impressions gathered when the ads are never actually seen by users in comparison to the side ads. This means that bottom of the page ads may actually have a much higher click through rate than their data shows.

As a result, I propose that Google should define whether users actually scrolled to the bottom of the page or not, and split impressions into two categories; ‘viewed impressions’ and ‘non-viewed impressions’. This echoes data available for display campaigns where viewable and non-viewable impressions are already treated very seriously.