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Turkey underestimates the digital masses

Media Post asked our EVP International, Hannes Ben to share his insight on Turkey's recent Twitter ban, and to shed light on the country's potential for digital marketing. Below is a short excerpt from Hannes' piece. 

The Turkish government's ban on Twitter was not only enforced with relatively weak technological tactics but also didn't take into account the maturity and growth of the country’s internet population, one that has one of the fastest developing e-commerce markets worldwide. In my role, I help global brands drive locally relevant marketing, on a global scale. One of the markets that continues to show e-commerce value time and again for our brands is Turkey.
With a population of approximately 74 million people and borders connecting the country with Europe and the Middle East, Turkey has one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets worldwide. It boasts an internet penetration of roughly 48%, equating to 36 million in 2013 that, although being below developed Western countries, is increasing at an incredibly fast rate. Only its relative economic wealth is holding it back from being a market with real influence on the global media landscape.


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