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Why Twitter's 'buy' button could go the same way as Facebook's gift scheme 'fail'

Will Twitter's 'buy now' button risk following in the footsteps of some of Facebook's less successful e-commerce ventures? Our CEO, Martin McNulty gave his view on Twitter's new enterprise for Marketing Magazine. Below is an excerpt from the article.

It was the last straw and last month, Facebook closed down its gifts service due to "underwhelming demand". It’s only when you hear this story does it make you raise more than an eyebrow at Twitter’s recent announcement that it’s rolling out a ‘Buy’ button.
It’s been less than four weeks since the end of Facebook’s epic two-year social e-commerce fail and yet, Twitter thinks it can do it better. Users will be able to make purchases directly within tweets. If you see something you want, you hit buy, bring up a little information, enter your payment and shipping information and complete the transaction. Meanwhile, your payment and shipping details are encrypted and stored for future purchases. Has Twitter not been watching what happened with Facebook?

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