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WWD Interviews Forward3D CEO Martin McNulty on Using Data for Strategic Retail Marketing Campaigns

Women's Wear Daily sat down with Forward3D CEO Martin McNulty to discuss current technology trends and how to develop relevant marketing strategies using data.

WWD: Retailers are awash in data about consumers. How do companies know what data is most important to collect?

Martin McNulty: This is a very hard question because the data we’re able to collect is constantly expanding. Collect everything and you’ll drown. Collect nothing and you’ll fall behind. In simple terms you care about data that you can use. There’s a ton of stuff out there that’s “interesting,” but if you can’t use it then it’s really just a waste of resources to go on collecting and analyzing it.


WWD: How does your firm engage clients? Many companies have well-polished sales teams, but they’re not necessarily knowledgeable about technology. What does your firm do differently?

M.M.: We engage clients by telling them we don’t know the answers. Instead of pretending to have a crystal ball we instead sell our methodology. Iterative development and discovery tends to highlight failures quickly. This may seem like an odd thing to shout about, but supporting a CMO in deciding what not to do is just as important as what to do. Many a CMO have bet their careers on big infrastructure projects (a new website or a new CMS system) only to discover the problem lies elsewhere.