International Case Study. Global Market Scope Testing and International Expansion.

A global, US-based, multi-brand retailer asked us to help them identify and act upon international growth opportunities. 



Our Objective


Locaria was tasked with evaluating existing consumer demand and potential opportunities for a global retailer across several regions. More specifically, the goal was to generate incremental revenue whilst keeping profitability at a break-even level, and building the data required to help craft a strategy for a full launch in each market. Locaria would employ a Global Market Scope Test (GMST), an in-house approach to quantifying international demand in order to achieve this.


What Was Achieved?


Over a 6 month test period, Locaria helped the retailer expand into 13 international markets (Spain, Mexico, Sweden, Denmark, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Israel, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE) and run marketing activity in 7 new languages (Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Malay, Japanese, Hebrew and Arabic).


The increased awareness and presence from these localised campaigns helped drive 26,054 additional visits to the brand website, and generated $155,917 in additional revenue. Notably, both of these metrics enjoyed consistent growth over the activity timeline.

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   The increased awareness from these campaigns helped drive 26,054 additional site visits and $155,917 in additional revenue.


How Did We Do It?

Locaria identified new regional opportunities through a Global Market Scoping Test. This began by determining which markets were worth running test activity in. This initial phase consists of a combination of market research, opportunity analysis and local market knowledge. Working with an agile methodology we then ran localised test campaigns in the prioritised countries, which enabled us  to make informed decisions moving forward, based on the performance data generated. 


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