New Look Case Study. What do the colours you wear say about you? 

New Look wanted to build their online traffic and engagement through the construction of an interactive microsite.




While search engines continually launch algorithmic updates, the ability to drive web traffic that results in sustained engagement is a constant factor in determining the relevance and quality of your website. In collaboration with New Look, we wanted to produce something that would appeal to the interests of New Look customers, and provide content of genuine value. 


Our project set out to investigate how colour impacts on mood and in turn, how this affects consumer decisions when shopping for clothes online. According to Sheila Dicks, founder of the Fashion Expert Network, the colours you wear in a professional setting are about so much more than mere fashion or style. “Colours send subconscious messages, and can affect your mood, as well as the mood of the workers around you”. 


New Look customers are style conscious, and we appealed to this by detailing how colour could impact on their wardrobe, and the implicit associations in their choice of outfit.  In turn, this would engage potential customers with New Look products, and allow them to think critically about purchasing new products based on occasion. 


The concept


We wanted to help customers  answer a few key questions. 

  • Do certain colours evoke particular emotions? 
  • Which colours work well together? 
  • Which colours should I wear in certain situations? 
  • Which colours suit me the best? 

In order to do this, we looked to develop a parallax scrolling infographic to visualise the subject, with an aesthetic in keeping with the New Look brand; simple and clean – or ‘less is more’. 


We decided to explore the effect of seven popular colour groupings: Pastels, Blue, Pink, Red, Coral, Yellow and Monochrome. We then looked to highlight appropriate situations in which to wear each particular colour, as well as providing consumers with some further information.



We saw a huge engagement with articles linking colours to mood, as well as what colours to wear in certain situations - namely interviews and dates. We combined the two ideas and came up with a guide to help people not only express their mood to others, but also wear colours that gave off the correct vibes in certain situations.
— Steve Cook, E-Commerce Content Manager at New Look

The Colour and Mood project is set to be revisited and repurposed in late 2014, providing more information about how colour and mood impact on fashion decisions.


The live microsite can be viewed here.


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