Data Science Case Study. Powerful Insights for Multichannel Attribution

Forward3D was tasked with helping Trend Micro, a global security software company, to create a more accurate view of multi-channel marketing performance.



Executive Summary


The Forward3D data science team provided Trend Micro with a complete view of digital marketing, product area and onsite content performance using dynamic, data-driven attribution modelling. 


More than this, by using data science consultancy time to apply the findings from the attribution model outputs, Forward3D spotted several budgeting and campaign level optimisation opportunities for Trend Micro, which resulted in significant performance gains and efficiencies.



The Challenge


Having a more accurate view of multi-channel marketing performance had been a challenge for Trend Micro because of several factors:

  • The product itself was digital, meaning that the customer journey was more complex than normal ecommerce retail.
  • The company used multiple tracking technologies across different channels and platforms all measuring activity based on a last click attribution model.
  • Non-paid activity (such as SEO) was not tracked at all, so ROI could not be measured.

The result of these three conditions was that it was difficult to quantify the return from certain marketing channels, particularly those that appeared in the early stages of the sales funnel. 


In turn, this made it difficult for the marketing team to justify investment in acquisition and brand channels since there was little visibility into how these channels resulted in sales using the last click attribution model that was in use across the business.




Could I drive more sales by shifting investment?


20% more revenue from the same budget achieved through attribution-based reinvestment.






As a result of the new attribution model, Trend Micro was also able to distinguish between the marketing / media channels that effectively drove new customer acquisition versus other that were better placed to drive product renewals. This knowledge was used to help with marketing mix planning and budget requests. 



How Did We Do It?


By tailoring the attribution model to fit the business instead of relying on insights from an ‘out of the box’ solution, Trend Micro and Forward3D developed an application of marketing attribution that reveals the drivers of performance that are specific and relevant to Trend Micro’s business model.


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