The Best of The 2018 Trends

We have aggregated the top five trends that we believe will be the most influential to digital marketing over next 12-18 months. The topics covered are as follows:


1. A shift away from type: The increasing adoption of voice- and image-based functionality within technology. 


2. Automation: The growing need to use technology to streamline customer interactions.


3. The value of data: How consumer and government attitudes towards data are changing. 


4. Amazon: The rising influence of Amazon-based advertising and its symbiotic relationship with its eCommerce business.


 5. China: Why marketers in the West need to start taking note of China.

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Data Science & Digital Marketing: How to Build Rocket

At Forward3D we have invested heavily in developing and expanding our data science offering, our Head of Data Science & Advanced Analytics, Johnny Francis, has been at the forefront of these developments, and is key to the success of the division.

Making a comparison between how NASA approached the technical demands of the space age, we explore how brands and businesses can address the speed of digital marketing innovation.

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Going Global in 2016

"Never have borders been less of an obstacle to international expansion than now."


The internet allows online consumers to access products and services from anywhere in the world, and while there are still challenges from a logistical standpoint for some industries, overseas markets and their opportunities are just a click away for most brands.

However in recent years there have been many examples of companies who despite significant investment have either failed to impact overseas markets or chosen to exit.

This whitepaper by Forward3D introduces a new approach that allows brands to manage risk in both monetary and reputational terms when pursuing international expansion online. It will debunk popular internationalisation myths and offer a framework for selecting, testing and growing internationally, which helps build the case for investment in iterative steps.

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Going Global in 2014

Excerpt goes here.

When targeting a new market for your business, it's imperative that your marketing and e-commerce strategies are equally prepared for local conditions, behavior and nuances.


This whitepaper from Forward3D APAC and Venda, our collaborator on our Going Global in 2014 event, look to cover some of the key challenges and decisions that brands face in scaling internationally.

State of Fashion 2013

 9.5 million daily digital interactions, collected over two years from global fashion brands have been used to draw conclusions on key trends within fashion, that we believe will define the challenges for brands and retailers in coming years.


Meticulous adherence to best practice, combined with a deep understanding of the industry has helped Forward3D to build a reputation for ground breaking insight and execution within fashion. This report provides examples of the insights available to Forward3D clients, which ensure that both their overarching strategies and individual campaigns are forward thinking.