Data Science. We help build data-driven strategies to help businesses get to where they want to be.


Data science is about solving problems using large and complex data sets. Digital marketing by its nature has a wealth of large and complex data sets to work with. This is why we have a dedicated team of Data Scientists here in our London based agency, to help marketers use this data to their advantage when making budgeting, targeting or optimisation decisions.


What is a Data Scientist?


Our technical skillset sits at the intersection of mathematics/statistics, computer science and digital marketing, which means that we have the technical expertise and domain knowledge necessary to build relevant and effective solutions for marketers.


With diverse expertise comes the ability to approach a problem from multiple angles and to devise original approaches tailored to our clients.



What does Data Science do?


The data science team acts as an internal consultancy group across Forward3D to solve multi-channel challenges around strategic planning and media optimisation. We believe that in order to make good decisions, our clients need a clear view of how customers interact with their marketing activity and an understanding of the factors that they can and can’t control within that system.


By using robust quantitative methods for measurement, testing and prediction, we provide our clients with answers to difficult questions backed by hard evidence. 


These methods include:

  • Econometric Testing
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Advanced Forecasting & Scenario Planning
  • In-channel Investment Modelling

What Kinds of Questions do we Answer?


Some examples of questions we have helped our clients solve include:

  • Where can I make efficiencies in my media spend without losing sales? 

We create multi-channel scenarios to help clients understand the impact of change in investment strategy.

  • What is driving profit for me? 

We identify which marketing elements, products and targeting methods are driving the most profit for the business and translate this into an optimisation strategy.

  • Does my online investment drive offline sales?

We tie together online customer journey and point of sale data to show the impact of online research on offline purchases.


  • How can I make my PPC budget stretch farther?

We build anomaly detection systems to prevent PPC budget wastage on trending search queries.


  • If I turn off Brand PPC will I lose total sales?

We help clients understand the multichannel impact of turning off Brand PPC.



If you’d like to know more about how Data Science can help your brand in practice, please read one of our Data Science Case Studies.