Japan. A mature and westernised market.


Similar to Western countries such as the UK, Germany and France, Japan is a very mature market in terms of search. For most international brands Japan is a key market and advanced digital marketing skills are required to succeed.


The search share is split between Yahoo!Japan and Google and expertise in both is required. Forward3D is the only international independent digital agency to have full certification with Yahoo!Japan. This means that we receive the best tech support and API integration, we are the first to test new betas and we are also granted VIP account management support.




Search Engine Market Share

Japan Market Overview

International social media platforms are well known, but in order to maximise reach you need to be well represented on the major mobile platform in Japan, Line.


In comparison to its APAC neighbours, Japan is the only market that makes use of the established global search engines and social platforms in significant numbers.


As a generalisation, Google is seen as the more international of the search engines, while Yahoo!Japan is more local in perception. Users of Yahoo!Japan’s specific products and services often prefer the search engine’s portal functionality and consider it a trusted source for a lot of the information it hosts.


Although often thought of as a very similar online landscape to the West,

when it comes to search the Japanese market is more locally facing than

the familiar names of Yahoo! and Google might imply.