Technology. We’ve built a platform that gives our analysts the freedom to develop innovative apps, alerts and workflows that provide bespoke campaign management.

Our fundamental approach to technology is to automate insight, not actions, for our analysts. This provides them with the tools they need to focus on implementation, allowing them to deliver the standard of performance our clients expect. 






Providing the Stage


Our proprietary technology platform, Stage, underpins everything from how we work to optimizing campaigns as well as helping determine future strategy. The tools provided through Stage empower our teams to analyse with a tight focus on the specific requirements of their campaign, rather than simply how a third-party interface dictates. In turn, this leads to innovative and meticulous account management. 


Read how our teams use some of the tools provided through Stage below: 


A Unique Approach


During our time as a Paid Search affiliate, the scale of the accounts we were managing grew dramatically, along with the amount of data available to us. As a result, we developed a unique approach to technology that has acted as a catalyst for our continued growth as we developed into an experienced global digital marketing agency.


Our platform is built on Hive database technology, giving us a nimble and efficient framework for the aggregation and analysis of large sets of data.


It’s allowed us to utilise data from any source that we deem relevant to our clients' businesses and campaigns, no matter how large. Everything from weather forecasts, TV schedules and tweets, to above-the-line buying slots, stock feeds and display impression data can be incorporated into our platform and analysed to provide decision-making insights.


These sets of data can be queried using our proprietary front-end user interface, giving our analysts the tools to automate insight without the consequential campaign actions. We believe from our extensive experience that implementation should be carried out by our industry leading analysts, not by fully-automated and unaccountable platforms.


Open Data


Our platform has helped us to instill an innovative and unique “open data” approach to analysis.


Within our technology framework, each of our analysts is empowered to create their own applications and alerts, allowing them to manage their campaigns to a meticulous standard, whilst matching the unique characteristics of each of our clients’ accounts.


The apps and alerts built by our analysts also dictate the future of our technology platform and drives our culture as a data led, agile agency.