Through the use of Alerts, our teams can run bespoke queries against relevant data sources stored in Datasets and receive notifications that help dictate future actions. There will be the base level account Alerts such as spelling, which are then surrounded with those that are bespoke to the requirements and performance of each account. 


It can be useful for PPC teams working with large scale retail clients to use Alerts to keep track of stock levels to prevent using budget sending customers to out of stock product pages. Comparatively, for a client in the travel industry our teams may wish to set up alerts for large scale exchange rate fluctuations that may impact on the demand for particular locations. 


Our analysts use Alerts to automate insight without the consequential automated campaign actions that third party tools employ. We believe that the actual implementation of campaign actions should be carried out by our industry-leading analysts to ensure it actually is the correct action to take, as opposed to fully-automated and unaccountable platforms.