Our data warehouse is as flexible as us, providing no limits on what we can collect. If your data is accessed via an API or by any other means, we can easily clean, store and then launch powerful and insightful analysis against any other relevant data associated with it.


Through Datasets, our analysts have all of their account data available in one location at any time, providing a single interface that allows teams to interrogate client and 3rd party data and look for patterns. This analysis can then be automated and either fed to our Alerts system, the team’s CardWall project or even power a dashboard.


Teams at Forward3D are trained how to link even seemingly disparate data sources, which allows them to find creative methods of enhancing performance. Everything from weather forecasts, TV schedules and tweets, to above-the-line buying slots, stock feeds and display impression data can be incorporated into our platform and analysed to provide decision-making insights.