Values. We place extensive focus on the development of our staff, as we believe that by increasing their knowledge and experience, our clients are the ones that ultimately benefit through great results and service.


To help shape this culture, we introduced three internal values that we encourage all employees to embrace, both as teams and as individuals.


Always learning and teaching


Our structure is narrow, without unnecessary layers, resulting in clear paths for progression. This results in a straight forward team dynamic whereby employees are tasked with promoting those that are following their lead and consequently raising the standards of the whole team.


Use technology to innovate


Our “open data” approach to technology gives our analysts complete freedom to build innovative bespoke applications and alerts for their clients. With no restrictions to their work, and with the ambition our analysts hold, we trust them to dictate our product roadmap through their own innovation.


Take the initiative


As a fast-growing business with a historical entrepreneurial trait, we’ve only hired individuals that we believe have an innate passion for the work they do and a real drive to develop themselves and those around them. Taking the initiative and being proactive with everything we do is expected of every team member across the agency.